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Offertory Prayer: Can’t Take It

Holy God, all our wealth gained on earth cannot come with us into heaven. Jesus told us to use our wealth for good on earth and not hoard the wealth. So we share. We offer these gifts today and ask you to guide them to do good now. Amen.


Offertory Prayer: Mary, Martha, Abraham, Sarah

God of Hospitality, we pray today these gifts be accepted, multiplied, and sent out to welcome the stranger and set a feast for the weary. Let us be Mary and hear their truths; let us be Martha, and Abraham and generously welcome; and let us be Sarah and meet the world with laughter. Amen.

Offertory Prayer: Lent 2 C

Promise-Keeping God, you are faithful and generous. In Abram’s childlessness, you brought him children to begin a nation. In Paul’s imprisonment, you inspired him to write letters that encourage us to this day. In Jesus’ life and death, you bring us resurrection and citizenship in Heaven with Christ. Generously, we offer these gifts because of your faith and generosity to your mission to fulfill all the good you have planned for the world. Amen.